Embarrassed by Your Balls?

Imagine this: your new father-in-law has invited you to play at the private course where he is a member for the first time. It’s a great opportunity to impress him and start building that rapport you’ll need for family events. You’re about to tee off and you realize that in your hurry to get there on time, all you brought were those discount balls you found in the corner bin at the pro shop. What an embarrassment! Prepare yourself instead by knowing how to choose the right ball for your skill and expertise, based on reviews.

Before starting your research, remember that all golf ball manufacturers claim that their balls are the best, and are also the longest and straightest. How do you know which ones are really the best for your game? Reading good and unbiased golf ball reviews. Fortunately for you, there are many of these online today, and finding them really isn’t that hard.

Amazon sells a lot of golf balls. There are thousands of sellers just of golf equipment on their website. But did you know that they can pay for reviews? While the majority of reviews are not paid, and are written by bona fide customers, some are not so honest. It’s best to read those with a grain of salt. Is the review a little too enthusiastic? Did the golf ball give them the solution to world peace? Time to look at other options. Don’t waste your time slogging through comments regarding shipping time and seller communication either.

The more useful reviews often show up on the high-traffic golf blogs. You’ll also find “best” lists, such as “Best Golf Balls for 90-95mph swing”. There you’ll find some clear and honest evaluation of balls from the most to the least expensive.

Some important things to look for when reading golf ball reviews is launch and spin. The construction of the ball is also very important. Some golf balls are three-piece balls, and others have a four piece, etc. In past days, golf balls were generally built for distance and were usually much harder around the greens, and generally were hard as a rock when putting them. You usually had to either choose distance or accuracy, but not anymore.

Don’t sit back and be convinced of a ball’s usefulness to you when you see your friends or other golfers using a particular kind. Their games are probably much different than yours, and a different golf ball will suit everybody differently. Reviews will explain briefly which balls will perform in the way you need to for your game.

Do you want to:

  • Decrease spin on long shots and increase spin while putting?
  • Get more distance without sacrificing putting performance?
  • Obtain higher launches, low spin, and more distance?
  • Increase your spin off a wedge?
  • Enhance performance in windy conditions?

The bottom line is this: there are many great ball reviews to help identify the best golf ball for you. All you have to do is a quick Google search and you will find literally thousands of different websites that come up giving golf ball reviews. Don’t let your balls embarrass you! Use your best judgement to filter out which ones are a waste of time versus which ones will keep you looking your best and feeling confident on the course, no matter if it’s the in-laws or your best buddies from college.

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